State Employee Recognition Day - May 5, 2021

State Employee Recognition Day is an excellent opportunity to express appreciation to state employees at a time when their dedication is even more valued and appreciated.  Recognition is a powerful motivator, and it contributes to higher employee morale, increases organizational productivity, and aids in recruitment and retention.  NASPE's State Employee Recognition Day seeks to create an event that makes State Employees feel valued and appreciated.

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NASPE Guide to State Employee Recognition Day

This publication serves as a repository for employee recognition ideas, press releases and wording for gubernatorial proclamations.

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State Employee Recognition Day was initiated in 2001 under the leadership of then NASPE President Donna Traywick and then-South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges in partnership with the National Governor's Association.  In 2002, response to the initiative grew significantly, with several states reporting some kind of recognition event for their employees.

State Website Links

These are links dedicated to employee recognition throughout the year as well as for State Employee Recognition Day/Week. Please send information and links to Leslie Scott, [email protected] in honor of your state's activities regarding State Employee Recognition Day/Week.  

Alaska:  Denali Award Peak Performance

Delaware:  Making a Difference for Delaware

Indiana:  The Torch

Michigan: State Employees

Missouri:  Employee Recognition Programs

Nevada:  2010 Nevada State Employees Recognition

North Dakota:  COSE: Council of State Employees

Oklahoma: Office of Personnel Management

Pennsylvania: Employee Recognition

Washington: Public Service Recognition Week

State Employee Recognition Day History

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