Research and Surveys - Members Only

A majority of NASPE research is available only to dues-paying member states and organization and can be found by clicking here.

Examples of this research include:

HR Architecture Survey - 2017

As states experience lingering fiscal challenges they are looking to make their operations more efficient. As a result, states are reviewing their service delivery models and organizational structure - and in many cases implementing significant change. NASPE surveyed its membership on HR organizational structure, service delivery, and functional responsibilities in 2017. Forty-one states responded to the survey. You can read an Executive Summary here . Full data is available to NASPE members by clicking here.

Consolidated Survey data covering a number of topics in state government HR administration, including HR Architecture, HR Metrics, Workforce Planning, HR Information Technology, and state subject-matter experts. 

For more information pertaining to research, NASPE performs contact Leslie Scott at [email protected]

State Workforce Issues

NASPE is recognized as a resource to other national organizations (and states), and by utilizing the resources developed by our Workforce Issues Working Group, our members can speak on workforce issues or other requested topics. Additionally, members are able to customize the presentation materials to address the specific needs of the group to whom they are speaking.

Click here for our members-only resources. 

Publications and Resources - Public

Top Issues

2016 White Paper





HealthcareIssue Brief: Impacts of Affordable Care Act Implementation on State HR Departments (July 2013)
Challenges and Current Practices in State Employee Healthcare (2012)
State Employee Healthcare Benefits Roundtable – Whitepaper (2011)
Challenges and Current Practices in State Employee Healthcare (2010)
Healthcare Benefits Whitepaper (2010) Healthcare Benefits Whitepaper (2006)


HR Service Operations

HR Service Operations

Issue Brief: Total Rewards: Preparing to Pay the Next Generation of State Government Workers (July 2013)
Issue Brief: Addressing Low Engagement and Morale in State and Local Government Workforces (July 2013)
HR Architecture Survey Summary (2011)
State Responses to Federal Government Shutdown - Federally-Funded Positions 




State Employee Furloughs and Layoffs (2011)
IT Workforce: Under Pressure (2011)
The Great Recession and the State and Local Government Workforce (2010)
A Tidal Wave Postponed (2009)


 For more information on NASPE research and publications, contact Leslie Scott.