The Nation's Governors Say "Thank You" to State Employees
Many of the nation's Governors took time to say "Thank you" to state employees around the country who are supporting their states and communities during this challenging time.
NASPE supports and appreciates the efforts and sacrifice of state government employees across the country. Click below to see the video.

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Check out our series. Hear from former state government HR directors on their biggest surprises, leadership secrets and the value of NASPE.

Podcast 2: "Social work to transforming HR" - Joyce Oreskovich, Director of Human Resources in Maine (Retired). Hear about Joyce's commitment to the public sector, a detour to law school, and, finally, a surprising turn as HR Director for the State of Maine. This podcast is full of great stories filled with Joyce's grit and spunk.

Podcast 1: "It's about service and relationships" - Rebecca Hunter, Former Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Human Resources. Hunter served as commissioner from 2010-2018 and led the state through significant civil service reform - which has been used as a model for many states and localities across the country.

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Supporting Working Parents and Those Caring for Seniors
October 28 - 2pm ET


Personal demands on employees have never been greater as COVID-19 has brought virtual school, limited options for childcare and more need for family to step in to take care of senior loved ones. Telework has blurred the lines between home and work responsibilities. States want to support their employees through these challenging times. Learn about strategies and resources available to provide support and encouragement in the workplace to ease the stresses faced at home.


Supporting working parents and those caring for seniors during COVID-19:


  • How to research, vet and select long-term care providers
  • Risks of having loved ones in a long-term care facility
  • Tools and resources to find and vet daycares, tutors, nannies, alternative schooling and many more
  • Mental health support for working parents

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