The pandemic has changed the world of work forever. The workplace adjustments that began as a temporary response to a global health crisis have created a workplace evolution. Employees, including in state government, now have far different expectations. More than ever, they are demanding flexibility, voice, and wellbeing. If employers don’t meet these expectations, employees have made it clear they will vote with their feet and seek other employment.

In response, the UKG Workforce Institute “Megatrends” project provides a roadmap for government organizations to navigate these uncharted waters. Each year, UKG assembles a team of researchers, thought leaders, and social scientists who reflect on the previous year’s developments, assess their implications for leaders, including in HR, and predict how these forces will shape the future. And most important, how government should meet the increasing challenge of attracting and retaining talent.

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Public servants work to meet the needs of constituents, but often too little thought is given meeting their needs.  During the moments that matter in their career journey, state employees are often overwhelmed and underserved. 

How do agencies struggling with staff shortages better “help the helpers” through more timely, accurate, and personalized HR services?  How do questions related to pay, benefits, or time off get the quick, accurate resolution they deserve?  And just as importantly, how can we return capacity back to overworked HR teams through smart automation?

This virtual event will exploring how Generative AI (Gen AI) will revolutionize your agency's HR Service Delivery, ultimately enhancing the employee experience for public servants throughout the hire to retire journey.

We’ll show concrete examples of how Gen AI can automate routine tasks, personalize support experiences, and empower employees to focus on high-impact work.  Attend this event to learn how ServiceNow puts AI to work for people to improve issue resolution times and boost employee satisfaction.

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Oscar B. Jackson, Jr. President's Award

Mark Betchey, Director, State and Local Government Strategy, Oracle

Neville Kenning Corporate Partner Award


Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Innovative State Human Resource Management Program

Indiana's NextLevel State Work

Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Leadership in State Human Resource Management

Kelly Hardwick, State Personnel Director, Mississippi's State Personnel Board Submission and Highlight Video

Eva N. Santos Communication Award

Missouri's Statewide Learning Framework Submission and Highlight Video

Advancing the HR Profession Award

Louisiana's SCS HR Foundations Submission and Highlight Video

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