Its a new day for HCM in state government. Rapid advances in technology are changing capabilities, processes, roles and responsibilities. Technology is enabling strategic work like never before; automation is eliminating mundane work and analytics are informing strategy & operations. This Webinar will explore how People Analytics & AI are improving the capabilities of the central and agency HR operations in state government. We will utilize use cases and a brief demonstration of People Analytics/AI capabilities to provide key takeaways for the audience.

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Oscar B. Jackson, Jr. President's Award

Mark Betchey, Director, State and Local Government Strategy, Oracle

Neville Kenning Corporate Partner Award


Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Innovative State Human Resource Management Program

Indiana's NextLevel State Work

Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Leadership in State Human Resource Management

Kelly Hardwick, State Personnel Director, Mississippi's State Personnel Board Submission and Highlight Video

Eva N. Santos Communication Award

Missouri's Statewide Learning Framework Submission and Highlight Video

Advancing the HR Profession Award

Louisiana's SCS HR Foundations Submission and Highlight Video

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