Public institutions are increasingly required to deliver efficient, user-friendly public services in an environment where the nature of work and workforce is evolving faster than ever before.
Throughout this educational webinar we will:​

  • Discuss where public service organizations are feeling the greatest disruption as a result of GenAI ​
  • Understand the five key areas organizations should be focused on as they become more aware of GenAI and its impacts​
  • Talk about real life examples of how GenAI and automation are transforming the workforce and what it and means for public service ​
  • Have an open dialogue to hear from public service leaders on the challenges, opportunities, and applications of GenAI for their organizations​

At the conclusion of our time, you will have actionable items you can take back to your organization and teams to initiate changes - both small and large. ​

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“Gallup finds that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job onboarding new employees. This failure gets in the way of the formation of an emotional bond between the new hire and the company -- a connection that can make or break retention” (Gallup, 2022).

That’s because most organizations have time-constrained, one-size-fits-all approaches – not meeting the needs of new employees! Extended, personalized onboarding can help empower employees and improve culture.

Join Lisa Walters, Head of Training at Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Jen Meyer, Learnsoft COO, as they have a conversation about enhancing the onboarding experience and engaging the workforce. Lisa will share key insights into her department’s Most Valuable Resource program – a Career Empowerment tool that has been consistently rated 9/10 by employees for more than 10 years.

Learning objectives:

  • Get the details on Iowa DNR’s Most Valuable Resource program – a single-day, small-group onboarding session that has connected individuals to leadership, challenged problem-solving skills, and instilled personal growth responsibility with new employees since 2013.
  • Drill into solving key challenges training teams face with new hires through communication, alignment, and a focus on mission, values, and competencies.
  • See how a personalized, extended onboarding process has shaped the department’s performance and engagement over the last 10 years.
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Oscar B. Jackson, Jr. President's Award

Mark Betchey, Director, State and Local Government Strategy, Oracle

Neville Kenning Corporate Partner Award


Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Innovative State Human Resource Management Program

Indiana's NextLevel State Work

Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Award for Leadership in State Human Resource Management

Kelly Hardwick, State Personnel Director, Mississippi's State Personnel Board Submission and Highlight Video

Eva N. Santos Communication Award

Missouri's Statewide Learning Framework Submission and Highlight Video

Advancing the HR Profession Award

Louisiana's SCS HR Foundations Submission and Highlight Video

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