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The National Association of State Personnel Executives is proud to present The NASPEs, an Annual Awards Program designed to recognize great accomplishments of state human resource management personnel. This prestigious program includes the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Awards (for Leadership and Innovative Programs), the Eva N. Santos Communication Award, and the Advancing HR Professional Award. They highlight the innovative practices leadership engages within human resources either with an individual’s lead or with a cutting-edge program.

The NASPEs winners are recognized during the NASPE Annual Meeting held each summer. The winning program and leadership winners each receive a complimentary meeting registration and plaque. In addition, award recipients are publicized in press releases, letters to governors, and policymakers, and shared with state’s personnel office. All nominated programs are available in the Hall of Fame

Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Awards

These awards were established in memory of Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., who served as NASPE President at a time of great growth for the organization. The program recognizes innovative state human resource management practices that ensure access and equity while enhancing productivity and service delivery. It also recognizes individuals who exemplify the character, qualities and influence that Rooney had on state personnel administration. 

Eva N. Santos Communications Award

This award was named in memory of Eva N. Santos, who served as NASPE president and through her leadership sought to recognize excellence in state government HR Communication.

Advancing the HR Profession Award

The HR professional's role continues to evolve from transactional to strategic. This award will recognize programs and efforts within state government That address the changing landscape and, much like NASPE itself, serve to advance the HR profession by providing professional development opportunities, facilitating communication and networking between HR at all levels, and promoting a sense of community and value in HR work.

To view a list of previous winners and other nominations, visit the NASPEs Hall of Fame.