Webinar | 2023  

The Quiet Crisis in 2023: What Government Job Seekers Actually Want

The public sector continues to face an unprecedented hiring crisis. Since last year alone, the number of applications per job has decreased by 17%. How can agencies recover and start filling critical roles?

We’ll address this question and more in the Quiet Crisis Webinar, using data from 45M+ government applications, 850+ job seekers, and 130 HR professionals.

Watch the recording now to get exclusive data that will keep your agency relevant in today’s hyper-competitive labor market:

  • Hiring data and trends over the past three years
  • What your HR peers across the country are experiencing
  • What government job seekers are actually looking for
  • How you can use this insider information to recruit and retain top talent


Michaela Doelman, State Chief Human Resource Officer, State of Washington
Matt Redden, CRO, NEOGOV
Michelle Cline, Director of Product - Recruit, NEOGOV

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