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Public Sector Hiring Crisis: How to Attract More Applicants Webinar

The public sector has never experienced a hiring crisis like this before. Gone are the days of receiving too many applications for too few open positions. Governments today must be open to meaningful change to succeed in this highly competitive, job seeker market.

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A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Employer of Choice: 
Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Continuing our series on a becoming an employer of choice, we’ll discuss the importance of culture, diversity, equity & inclusion in attracting and retaining employees. This facilitated discussion brings together two experienced and highly-regarded experts in workforce strategies. 

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The Future of Government Jobs Series: 
State Member Brainstorming Sessions & Articles

Over the last several months, Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene talked with dozens of individuals from private sector consultancies, government membership associations, local and state human resource departments and other agencies to gather thoughts on how government jobs will change in the short and longer-term. These conversations, combined with information garnered from reports, are feeding this three-part series of columns for Route Fifty about what the state and local government workforce will look like in the coming years. 

The Future of State and Local Government Jobs
The Future of Government Jobs: Change is Inevitable
The Future of Government Jobs: No Field Will Be the Same

NASPE recorded the brainstorming conversations with Barrett & Greene to share with other State HR Directors their thoughts on the Future of Government Jobs. 

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How to Design Your Skills Strategies Webinar

Get the foundation you need to build a skills-oriented people strategy, unique to your state’s needs and priorities. You'll get specific recommendations targeting the importance and value of having a skills-based talent management strategy, and learn what other states are doing to push their skills strategies forward. Lastly, you'll walk away knowing how to craft an approach to skills that aligns to your state's mission and people priorities. Get the hands-on tools you need to build a business case to exceed your talent goals!
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  Research | 2021  

2021 HR Architecture Survey

The NASPE HR Architecture Survey provides an overview of structure of state human resource management agencies long with past and future plans for restructuring those agencies. The central human resources agency in each state was invited to take the survey. Out of 50 potential state respondents, the survey received 37 responses, an 74 percent response rate. 

Executive Summary

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