Webinar | 2023  

Qualtrics 2024 Employee Experience Trends Report Briefing

Every year, Qualtrics releases its annual Employee Experience Trends Report outlining five directional trends for the upcoming year. This year, we surveyed 50,000 employees and collected 37,000 responses from individual contributors, managers and senior directors across 32 countries and 28 industries - including government. The 2024 EX Trends Report includes five key insights emerged from the research on how employee experience has and will evolve in 2024 and beyond.

Join us for exclusive early access to our findings, where we’ll discuss the five directional trends found globally - then deep dive into government, specifically.

Topics to include:

  • AI in the workplace
  • Return to office outcomes
  • Frontline employee success
  • Intent to stay
  • Pay and performance


Dr. Sydney Heimbrock, Chief Industry Advisor for Government - Government, Qualtrics

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