Webinar | 2023  

Moving From A Culture Of Compliance to Strategic, Ethical Leadership

We know strategy is important to align people to perform the most valuable work. We know compliance is imperative to our work as HR professionals. We know ethics can make or break organizations. So how do we lead simultaneously in all three areas - strategy, compliance, and ethics?

Join us for this interactive presentation as we discuss the importance of moving from a culture primarily focused on compliance to operating as strategic, ethical leaders. Leadership experts will share practical solutions for your organization to evolve with a strategic, ethical approach while maintaining a focus on compliance.

We’ll also hear from Director Lekha Fernandes with the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise on her challenges moving the agency from being highly compliance oriented to becoming more strategic.

Lekha Fernandes, Director, Washington Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise
Cara Griffith, Principal, TandemMotion
Asha Palmer, Senior Vice President, Compliance Solutions, Skillsoft