Webinar | 2023  

The Skill Goldrush: Transforming Employee Growth and Development

The recruitment, retention and management of the workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing state governments. This topic has become event more salient as where, when and how people work evolves rapidly. Workday has been at the forefront of helping commercial and government organizations define the Future of Work. This webinar will focus on innovation in human capital management in state governments. Topics discussed include:

Today’s public sector agencies are only leveraging a fraction of their current talent potential. Most agencies lack the necessary strategies and tools to both visualize and identify their untapped talent. Creating more agile methods for work allows agencies to put their existing capabilities to better use, unleashing untapped skills and driving levels of organizational productivity like we have never seen before.

Across government, there is a fundamental lack of visibility of “skills gold” and the process to extract it is more like mining for it in a sea of unstructured data silos across various segmented HR systems. 1 in 5 CHCOs say that have the skills they need to execute their long-term strategy and 2 in 5 lack the ability to even visualize their skills supply chain. There is so much untapped talent or “workforce gold” in public sector workforce that we simply can’t see. This untapped potential leads to missed opportunities for engagement, productivity, and capacity. As a result, attraction, turnover, and retention issues become paramount as employees become frustrated and begin losing valuable institutional knowledge.

Government agencies can no longer rest on the old paradigms or operating models. We must rethink new, innovative, and agile ways to visualize our “workforce gold” and maximize the opportunity to create value for both employees and our government. Agencies must seek ways to challenge the operating systems of the past to usher in creative and agile models that both attract and retain talent over the arc of the employee’s career in public service. By leveraging skills intelligence to power the public sector workforce, we shift the way we drive productivity, efficiency while delivering employee experiences that drive mission critical outcomes across our nation.

In this webinar, Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Transformation Officer at ServiceNow, will share insights into employee growth and development strategies that can evolve skills development capacity in ways that are transformative for both public sector workers and the agencies they serve.


Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Transformation Officer, ServiceNow

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