Webinar  | 2022  

Public Sector Hiring Crisis: How to Attract More Applicants Webinar

The public sector has never experienced a hiring crisis like this before. Gone are the days of receiving too many applications for too few open positions. Governments today must be open to meaningful change to succeed in this highly competitive, job seeker market. If you are interested in learning how your organization and its talent acquisition team can better position themselves for success and to meet the needs of their customers and leaders, join this informative, interactive workshop, hosted by NASPE and NEOGOV to:

see the foundational recruiting data that illustrates just how challenging attracting candidates is today, hear what job seekers are saying and wanting, and learn many of the best practices and strategies governments across the country are now utilizing to improve address their recruiting results.

You will leave with actionable takeaways so your state can also be more competitive and successful in filling its own open positions, including how to:

-reduce your time to hire,
-expand your reach to more job seekers,
-source more candidates,
-get the most out of your hiring events,
-organize and keep track of all your new candidates,
-be more attractive to candidates,
-promote your brand,
-engage and nurture candidates more effectively, and
-how to automate your recruiting processes to optimize your results and staff time.

Speakers: Paul Raspudic, Strategic Account Director, NEOGOV

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