Partnered Research | 2020  

State and Local Government Workforce Survey 2020

New research from finds a steady increase in telework among state and local government employees (27 percent), the highest share since 2016 (22 percent). This practice is more common in state agencies (64 percent) than local jurisdictions (19 percent).

The increase may relate to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that overlapped with this research. This telework trend, and others, may change dramatically given the ongoing pandemic, social distancing guidelines, and unprecedented pressures on state and local government budgets.

Based on research by SLGE, IPMA-HR and NASPE, the report on State and Local Government Workforce: 2020 Survey includes this data as well as findings on recruitment and retention strategies, difficult to fill positions, gig economy hiring, changes in retirement and health benefits, and other workforce issues.