The Nation's Governors Say "Thank You" to State Employees
Many of the nation's Governors took time to say "Thank you" to state employees around the country who are supporting their states and communities during this challenging time.
NASPE supports and appreciates the efforts and sacrifice of state government employees across the country. Click below to see the video.

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How is your state celebrating State Employee Recognition Day in 2020?

2020 has challenged us.  2020 has tested us.  

However, one thing we can be very proud of is the commitment of state employees around the country as they work through these difficult times to support the people of their respective states.

How are you recognizing the outstanding efforts of your state’s employees? Gubernatorial proclamation? A thank you message from agency heads? Virtual awards ceremonies?

Are you celebrating on NASPE’s (rescheduled) State Employee Recognition Day on September 30? Did your state celebrate during the original date in May? Do you celebrate other times of the year? Share your plans or previous celebration activities with us so that we may share with our member states. Also, please visit our SERD web page for ideas from states in previous years.