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The National Association of State Personnel Executives provides a collaborative forum for State HR leaders to share effective leading practices.

Get ready for State Employee Recognition Day May 9, 2018

CPS HR Consulting, a NASPE member company, recently held a webinar highlighting the importance of employee engagement. Additionally, CalHR outlined their scheduled events for State Employee Recognition Week. Check out some of their ideas below:

Years of Service and/or Core Values Photo Booth

  • Encourage employees to take pictures with signs that say “1 Year of Service,” “5-Years of Service,” “10-Years of Service,” in increments of 5 up to “Over 30 Years of Service”!
  • Take Core Values photographs
    • Print departmental Core Values and photograph employees holding them

Departmental or California Spirit Day

  • Host a Department Director & Executive Meet and Greet 
  • Publicize a specific half an hour, or hour for event
  • Photograph the executive team engaging employees
  • Encourage employees to wear department t-shirts/polo shirts/pins/hats

Thankful Thursday

  • Photograph thank you cards being given by supervisors to employees

Food Drive Day

  • Reach out to the local food bank for needs and encourage employees to bring in food for the food bank


  • Encourage teams or divisions to host a potluck

Display “Pics of the Week” on social media and/or through the intranet

  • Share memories of the week so participants and non-participants can see the successes of the week

See more of CalHR's activities here:

NASPE's guide to SERD is here.


The Nominations Are In for the 2018 NASPEs Awards!


These awards highlight the innovative leadership practices either with an individual’s lead or with a cutting-edge program. The NASPEs winners are recognized during the NASPE Annual Meeting each summer.

State Human Resources Directors Seek to Address Workforce Challenges

Focus groups explore policies to help find and keep quality workers

To learn more about the viewpoints of state HR directors, The Pew Charitable Trusts partnered with the National Association of State Personnel Executives to hold focus groups with association members in early 2017 in Washington, D.C. The 19 participants came from 18 states; all held senior human resources positions in their state’s government. The discussions concentrated on the major workforce challenges facing state governments, including how to appeal to and engage younger workers and the role that retirement benefits play in recruitment and retention. The HR executives talked about the resources they need to be successful and the strategies they use to meet their states’ staffing needs.

Among the key findings:

  • Compensation levels pose a major challenge to recruitment and retention, particularly for in-demand expertise in fields such as information technology and healthcare.
  • Younger workers are seen as placing greater importance on quick career advancement, professional growth, public service, community, and work-life balance than do prior generations.
  • Retirement plans may not initially attract most workers to public service, but these benefits can help retain older workers and those with longer tenures.
  • Providing more financial education, savings portability, and worker control over investment choices are ways to make retirement benefits more attractive to employees, but the executives raised concerns about the efficacy of each concept.

Read the full issue brief here.

States are hiring veterans

Veterans who are disabled, who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain specified time periods or in military campaigns are entitled to preference over others in hiring for many state government jobs. 



An HR Expert's Dos and Don'ts of Managing

Joyce Oreskovich

"I really think we’re making too much of the generational differences," says Joyce Oreskovich, the current president of the National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE) and director of the Bureau of Human Resources in Maine.

She's worked in HR for years and is full of advice for state and local governments trying to attract and retain the best and the brightest. Governing spoke with her to get some of it.

See the full article here:

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