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NASPE, in conjunction with Infor, is updating "Leadership Secrets of Human Resource Officials," a publication first printed in 2006. 

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2016 White Paper 





HealthcareIssue Brief: Impacts of Affordable Care Act Implementation on State HR Departments (July 2013)
Challenges and Current Practices in State Employee Healthcare (2012)
State Employee Healthcare Benefits Roundtable – Whitepaper (2011)
Challenges and Current Practices in State Employee Healthcare (2010)
Healthcare Benefits Whitepaper (2010) Healthcare Benefits Whitepaper (2006)


HR Service Operations

HR Service Operations

Issue Brief: Total Rewards: Preparing to Pay the Next Generation of State Government Workers (July 2013)
Issue Brief: Addressing Low Engagement and Morale in State and Local Government Workforces (July 2013)
HR Architecture Survey Summary (2011)
State Responses to Federal Government Shutdown - Federally-Funded Positions 





State Employee Furloughs and Layoffs (2011)
IT Workforce: Under Pressure (2011)
The Great Recession and the State and Local Government Workforce (2010)
A Tidal Wave Postponed (2009)



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