Optimizing HR Performance
Jeff Hoye, CPS HR Consulting


As your state’s chief HR leader, how would you answer the following question from your Governor? “As an HR Department, how well are you performing?” That’s a difficult question to answer depending on how much control you have over HR in your particular state. Many HR Departments – whether centralized or decentralized – would argue they perform to the best of their abilities and resources.

But what if your Governor also asked the leaders of the various departments you serve a similar question: “How wells does your HR Department perform?” Might they hear a less favorable response than one you’d give or one of your decentralized HR leaders would give?

What’s going on? Is HR clueless? Nope. Without a doubt, every HR staff member – from leadership to staff – comes to work each day seeking to serve their internal clients to the best of their abilities. OK, then is Department leadership wrong? Nope. We should assume that they too come to work each day striving to serve the citizens that fund their budgets and depend on the services the state provides. Then what’s going on? Read more