Public Management: Organizational Diagnosis
Anticipated drop date: September 18, 2017

This course will teach students to:

  • Address the skills involved in a systemic organizational diagnosis, which enables organizations to make evidence-based decisions, increases their ability to adapt, and saves them from flawed, detrimental actions 
  • Examine fundamental principles of systems thinking, psychodynamic organizational theory, and appreciative inquiry as ways to understanding organizational issues
  • Develop understanding of how problems which appear at one level of the system (e.g., at the personal or interpersonal level) often represent problems at other levels of the system (e.g., at the group and/or institutional level), or signify a range of inter-related issues

Pre-readings: TBD
Webinar: TBD
Discussion Group: TBD



Dr. Dana Kamenstein
Affiliated Faculty, Center for Organizational Dynamics
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education