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Fels Institute of Government


NASPE Partners with Fels Institute of Government

The NASPE Executive Committee is pleased to announce an exciting and free opportunity for our member states. In response to the ever-growing need to develop our next generation of senior leaders, NASPE has partnered with the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania to offer an online Executive Education series for our members.


The series will cover important topics in managing and leading in the public sector.

The four webinars/topics are as follows:

The series will include four hour-long webinars, pre-readings and ongoing, online discussion groups. The webinars will be “dropped” on the web (using Fels online classroom tools) and participants may listen at their convenience in a given time frame (several days to a week, most likely). This would be followed by ongoing, online discussion groups facilitated by the course instructor.


Who May Participate

Space is limited to 30 participants as the instructor wants to maintain a manageable “classroom” size to best provide feedback and ongoing dialogue with students. Initially, NASPE will limit the registration to one official participant per state based upon first-come, first-serve registration. (See registration details below). Should spots remain, NASPE will accept an additional participant from other states, again on a first-come, first serve basis.

While NASPE will initially limit to one participant per state, please feel free to coordinate groups within your organization/state who may want to listen to the webinars together and hold group discussion – with one person (the person officially registered) providing the online group response and discussion.

It is up to the state to decide who may benefit the most from the program. For some states, it could be the state HR Director, in other cases it could be senior staff members/managers who may ascend to greater leadership roles in the future. It’s really up to you.


How to Apply

Please complete the form to register your state participant.

If there are additional staff members who you would like to be considered if any additional spots remain beyond the one participant per state, please complete the following form:

Forms must be completed by April 10, 2017!


Again, NASPE is pleased to offer this opportunity to our membership. This would not have been possible without the support of our long-time corporate partner, United Healthcare.

Should you have any questions, please contact NASPE Executive Director Leslie Scott at or at 859-338-5801.

About Fels:

Fels offers the most personal, practical public management education in the Ivy League

Since 1937, the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania has pioneered the training and practice of public management. Today, we build on our legacy of impact and innovation to prepare the world's next generation of public sector leaders.

As the Ivy League's most personal, practical program in public management, the Fels experience is unique. We are a small, close-knit, and collaborative community with diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives. A third of our full-time students come from abroad. We share a commitment to driving meaningful change, whether locally, nationally, or globally. We don't watch it happen—we make it happen.

Fels faculty and instructors are high-level practitioners and distinguished Penn scholars, focused on equipping students with versatile skills, tools, and knowledge to meet complex challenges. Our curriculum is grounded in three pillars—context, analysis, and practice—that, together, catalyze results that matter.

“The driving philosophy behind Fels is CAP. Only through a thorough understanding of context, the ability to analyze, and the capacity to put the subsequent insight into practice can a public leader achieve his or her maximum impact.”
– Nelson Lim, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fels Institute of Government