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Classification and Compensation Networking Forum

Facilitator: Pam Day, Alaska                   

The group identifies discussion topics.  Such issues are classification program designs, performance pay, dual compensation tracking, compression, incentives and movement through pay range.  The duration of this meeting is an hour.

Recent Topics Discussed: Peformance pay, grade creep, consolidation of classifications, span of control, point factor vs. market

Discussion Topics:

  • Whether other states have adopted a consultant/business partner relationship and how that fares. If so, how they address the position management question, whether their classification staff get involved or if that’s left to managers.
  • Another topic is how other states structure their pay and whether or not they’ve modified it in the last decade or two. Specifically, the differences between clerical level, professional level, and managerial level ranges. Are folks using a one-range, two-range, three-range level difference or are the % spreads on their ranges progressive? Or do they use something else to determine the pay increase for moving up levels (such as our contractual one-, two-, or three-step increase)? Or do they use a combination of different pay structures. What’s working/what’s not and why.  

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